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08 August 2013 11:33
 Paphos Notes 21 July 2013
By Lucie Robson
So yet another swimmer has drowned along the dangerous coastline in the Venus Beach area near Paphos.
The latest victim was a 36-yearold man who lived locally. He drowned on Monday.
What makes this drowning that bit more shocking than the......More
08 August 2013 11:31
Larnaca Notes July 21 2013
By Bev Orton Jennings
I know that my blood pressure is up without visiting my GP.
I also know the cause… trying to sell my house.
Apparently this is one of the top five causes of stress. (That bloody list… I seem to be experiencing too many things on the damn......More
08 August 2013 11:29
Soapbox, July 21 2013
By Charlie Charalambos
There are Eastern philosophies that offer to unlock the secrets of life – it should be that simple, right.
Just sit in a corner and meditate and hey presto the world becomes a much more tolerable place.
All you have to do is take a deep breath......More
08 August 2013 11:26
by Marttyn Henry
July 21, 2013
So there we were at the end of my daughter’s graduation ceremony and we were asked to sing the national anthem.
Deep breath “God save.” Oops.
After 20 odd years away from Wales you forget that the national anthem is not God Save the Queen but Hen......More
08 August 2013 11:21

By Lucie Robson
Limassol Notes July 13, 2013
Astonishing, the recent uproar about the politics of sunbed and umbrella loungers on local beaches.
Astonishing because one would think that all else was well along the coastline and the spacing and rental price of loungers and umbrellas were......More
08 August 2013 11:19
Larnaca Notes July 13, 2013
By Bev Orton Jennings

 I can’t recall the last time I went to the UK in the summer… so my visit last week made for a pleasant change. With the sun blazing, and some chap called Andy Murray winning some tennis competition or other, it was a rather wonderful......More
08 August 2013 11:13
Limassol Notes
July 6, 2013
By Andrianne Phiippou

Don’t you just hate goodbyes? Well sadly it’s that time…after more than three and a half years as correspondent for the Cyprus Weekly, this week’s ‘Limassol Notes’ is my final offering. I can’t quite believe it myself, but somehow nine......More
08 August 2013 11:11
 Paphos Notes
July 6, 2013
By Lucie Robson
Ahhh. So that’s what the payments I contribute to HMRC help go towards.
The ex-pat winter fuel ‘sunshine allowance’ as they call it.
I must say that I am surprised that there has been such an outcry about the UK Chancellor’s plans to scrap......More
31 May 2013 11:57
By Martyn Henry
 I can see it now.
We are going to be ‘that weird couple living up near the park.
You know, the ones with the cats….” (raised eyebrows, sad shaking of the head…).
No sooner do I report the addition of Sebastian than we seem to have acquired yet another feline adoptee.......More
31 May 2013 11:53
Soap, by Charlie Charalambos
 There is something impossibly sad when a simple dinner invitation is turned into a national conspiracy about UN officials wanting to hijack the Cyprus problem over salmon paste and crackers.
After much hoo-ha about nothing in particular President Anastasiades......More
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