31 October 2012 16:05

 NICOSIA – Finance Minister Vassos Shiarly hopes that early next week Cyprus’ international lenders, the so-called Troika, will be in Cyprus.

At the same time he appeared optimistic that any differences between the Troika and the government will be clarified.

Speaking after a meeting of the negotiating team dealing with the economy, under President Demetris Christofias, he said issues relating to negotiations with the Troika (EU Commission, IMF, European Central Bank) were discussed. Central Bank Governor Panicos Demetriades also attended the meeting.

"Today's meeting relates to the Cabinet meeting later this afternoon. There were some issues which we wanted to clarify and discuss and then we talked about the negotiations with the Troika," the Finance Minister said, adding that "I believe that we have a clearer position now”.

“I remain optimistic that existing differences can be easily and readily clarified," he added.

Replying to questions, he said the government is ready for the discussions with the Troika, expressing hope that the Troika will be in Cyprus next week.

Saying that the government is ready for the Troika, he added that the delegation will decide when it will arrive in Cyprus, but stressed once again that he hopes to see them early next week

“I believe that we are in a position to clarify many of the pending issues,"said Shiarly, adding that few issues will not be clarified prior to the arrival of the Troika.


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