01 November 2012 08:39

 BRUSSELS – Visitors to the Royal Museums of Art and History in Brussels can now enjoy an exhibition on all aspects of ancient Cypriot culture.
The exhibition, entitled “Ancient Cyprus: Cultures in Dialogue”, was inaugurated by Cyprus Minister of Defence Demetris Eliades, to mark Cyprus’s EU Council Presidency.
Addressing the opening, Eliades noted that “through this exhibition all aspects of Cypriot culture are portrayed: every day life, trade, religion, death, language and writing, art, architecture and even social and political organization”.
He added that “by organising major exhibitions in well-known museums abroad, such as the Royal Museums of Art and History in Brussels and by loaning objects for such purposes, we aim to provide the opportunity to the public, all over Europe, to learn and understand the culture of Cyprus, to become interested in its wealth and diversity and to eventually visit the island”.
“Understanding how ancient societies interacted and developed creative forms of dialogue is particularly important especially in this era of multiculturalism and globalisation, when cultural boundaries are challenged and interaction amongst peoples is intensified”, Eliades pointed out.
After all, he added, understanding each other’s cultural traditions is a first step towards promoting co-operation between nations and cultivates friendship and peace.
The exhibition which has brought together such a wide range of objects for the first time in one museum was organised by the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus and is the result of the cooperation between several state and private museums in Cyprus, Belgium and the United Kingdom.


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