28 December 2012 10:23

NICOSIA: President Christofias, whose term ends in Feburary,  is leaving the presidency with a sense of bitterness because he says he was subjected to "tough and unfair attacks exceeding those levelled against any previous president."
In an interview with Haravgi newspaper, mouthpiece of the communist party Akel which he led until his election to the presidency, the president said that acting out of ideaological, class and social hate against him, some had gone as far as calling the president a murderer.
"These are the same people who spoke with disdain about the son of the cleaning lady who became president, as if the presidency of a state is something exclusively for privileged families, the rich and the status quo. For me, my humble origins are a source of honour and pride," he said.
The president added that all those who support the status quo had never come to terms with the fact that the Left had elected its leader to the presidency and had sought every occasion to attack him, the left and its history.
"We were unlucky because during my presidency we were called upon to deal with capitalism during its worst crisis. I am convinced that history will vindicate the work that we have achieved because it is considerable, covers many areas and was innovative, that is why I feel satisfied," he concluded.
President Christofias has decided not to seek a second term in office. Presidential elections will be held on February 17.


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