08 August 2013 11:33

 Paphos Notes 21 July 2013
By Lucie Robson
So yet another swimmer has drowned along the dangerous coastline in the Venus Beach area near Paphos.
The latest victim was a 36-yearold man who lived locally. He drowned on Monday.
What makes this drowning that bit more shocking than the relatively high number of other drownings at the same beach is the fact that the man was local.
You can almost forgive the foolishness of tourists who, in spite of the warning signs peppered along this deadly beach, because they are on holiday are probably seduced by the Mediterranean and think that it is only other people who end up drowning.
But surely someone local should be aware of how dangerous this stretch of coast is.
Surely someone local should know that there are plenty of safe beaches a stone’s throw from this killer patch of water.
Still, I am sick to death of hearing one version or another of this story each year then having to endure the subsequent ‘it’s not our fault’ dialogue amongst different authorities going on which passes as a serious discussion on the matter.
The latest suggestion is the construction of wave barriers to calm the currents.
Of course such a project can’t be undertaken because of the economic crisis.
That is the excuse now.
True, the authorities have placed huge signs warning wouldbe swimmers that there are entering dangerous waters at their own risk.
They have positioned red-flags along the beach indicating that it is not safe and placed buoys and ropes in the waters themselves in case anyone who saunters past all of the warning signs and goes for a dip finds themselves in trouble.
But I don’t know why they don’t just scatter the beach with rocks and broken glass and stretches of rolled barbed wire to ram the message home that this is not a place to swim.
I doubt these materials would break the bank.
I don’t know why the authorities don’t just outright forbid it.
I don’t know why they don’t make the beach ugly and threatening in order to reflect the reality that it is not a pleasant place.
The signs etc are evidently not working.
What on earth is it going to take for the powers-that-be to make sure that nobody, local or visiting, steps foot on this perilous beach again?


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