01 April 2013 15:38

NICOSIA – President Anastasiades said on Monday that neither he nor anyone else would be above investigation when the committee of inquiry begins work tomorrow on the causes that brought Cyprus to the brink of bankruptcy.
The president was replying to questions after the April 1 church ceremony to mark the start of Cyprus’s anti-colonial struggle in 1955.
He was replying to questions on lists of names of people –reported to have taken money out of the country in the days immediately before the March 15 first eurogroup decision in order to avoid a haircut on deposits. The haircut had been widely rumoured but government officials had pledged not to agree to it.
The list includes a company belonging to a relative by marriage of President Anastasiades. The company said it had been unfairly picked on for political reasons and that its transactions were all above board.
“There is one thing that I want to say above all: I never knew and it would never have been possible for me to be fighting to avoid what was imposed on us and at the same time to have given inside info,” he said.
The president reiterated that when the three-man panel of inquiry convenes, orders will be given to investigate everything including “everything that concerns me or even relations by marriage.”
Asked when the government will be a position to unveil measures to deal with the economic crisis, the president said that some measures have already be announced but that cabinet would be adopting a more comprehensive package within the next fortnight, beginning with the cabinet next week.
Asked which of the 12 points he considered the most important to help the economy recover, the president said “growth, incentives for growth and we will work hard in this direction.”
Asked whether Cyprus was expecting money from Greece, he replied: “we are not expecting something from Greece, it is not Greece’s duty, they do not owe us anything. We must struggle on our own to rebuild a new era.”


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