26 September 2013 19:56

Nicosia - Bargain hunters need no longer worry about penciling down the price of basic necessities, driving from one supermarket to the next in search of the best price for their daily shop.
All the information on where to get the cheapest items has been compiled in a new government consumer guide by the Competition and Consumer Protection service.
It conducted a survey on the retail market, collecting comparative data on the retail price of 484 basic consumer products as part of a transparency campaign to give consumers as much information as possible.
The island-wide survey lists the most inexpensive supermarkets in each of the biggest cities based on the number of products and the number of categories of products with the cheapest prices, as well as a price range for basic products.
Featured in the survey is the price of standard products stocked at the island’s biggest supermarkets on September 17, inclusive of the higher VAT rate of 18% - one percentage point up from the previous year.

According to the survey Athienitis in Pallouriotissa ranked first on the list for Nicosia district as the most inexpensive supermarket, carrying a total of 126 products (out of 484) at their lowest price. Alpha Mega (Engomi) and Carrefour (Mall of Cyprus) were in second and third place respectively. The supermarket with the least inexpensive products was Debenhams with two.

Carrying the 53 cheapest products in Limassol was Carrefour, ahead of Alpha Mega with 46 and Lysiotis with 33. Debenhams came in fourth place with the 30 cheapest products leaving E&S Kapsalos in last place with 25 least expensive products.

Stelios Supermarket ranked first in the Larnaca district carrying the 72 most inexpensive products. With only three less products, Metro was the second most inexpensive supermarket, ahead of Carrefour with 65. Debenhams ranked fourth and last with the 42 least expensive products in the district.

With some of the highest prices island-wide recorded in the Paphos district, Alpha Mega (Dimokratias Ave.) was found to be the supermarket with the most inexpensive products (39). Carrefour came in second place with 36, Philippos supermarket came in third with 28 of the market’s cheapest products. Debenhams and E&S Aphrodite hypermarket came in the last with 22 and 14 products respectively.

Fewer supermarkets took part in the study for the Famagusta district, which highlighted Kokkinos supermarket as the most inexpensive supermarket in Famagusta, as well as island-wide, carrying 197 of the market’s cheapest products. Carrefour was the second most inexpensive with 67.


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