03 December 2013 10:32

 The Committee on Missing Persons (CMP) said yesterday that 2013 had been its most productive in identifying remains but urged it was still in need of financial donations.
“2013 has been the most successful year yet for the CMP with the identification, to date, of 126 missing persons,” said a CMP statement.
It thanked the Turkish Cypriot community for a making donation of $50,000 in November.
The total number of identified human remains now stands at 464, while 1012 remains have been exhumed.
It said the large number of identifications undertaken this year has put a considerable burden on the CMP budget.
“This donation will help the CMP to maintain the current level of results, and thus to bring an end to the suffering of families in both communities.”
The primary objective of the UN-backed CMP is to enable relatives of missing persons to recover the remains of their loved ones.
There are 2,001 Greek and Turkish Cypriots registered as missing during inter-communal strife of 1963-64 and the Turkish invasion of 1974.
Officially the number of Greek Cypriot missing is 1,508 and 493 Turkish Cypriots.
Over 360 Greek Cypriots have been identified and returned to their families and more than 100 Turkish Cypriots.
After decades of deadlock on this human rights issue an agreement to allow exhumations across the divide saw the first Greek and Turkish Cypriot missing
returned to their families for a proper burial in July 2007.
Nevertheless, more than 75% of Greek and Turkish Cypriot missing have yet to be identified; moreover relatives still don’t know the circumstances of their loved ones fate.
For this year, the CMP’s financial needs amount to about €2.9 million and for 2014, the CMP projects a cost of around €3m of which, so far, only €2.8m has been pledged. 


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