03 December 2013 17:04

Peyia's Neighbourhood Watch now has its own website to help fight against crime and unsocial behaviour in the municipality.
Designed by local resident Gill Allen, the site offers up-to-the-minute news about break-ins and also gives warnings about potential risks to households, based on information given by the Police in Peyia and from intelligence gathered by residents throughout the scheme's 15 sectors.
The website www.pegeianeighbourhoodwatch.com was made possible by the support of two companies - Paphos Alarms and Blevins Franks. As well as detailed advice on protecting homes and property, the clear and easy to follow pages offer vital details about how to contact various emergency agencies.
It is intended to be a source of communal contact between people in the area and with those temporarily off the island. To cater for the disparate community, there are pages in Greek, Russian and English.
Keith Allen, Chairman of Peyia Neighbourhood Watch, says: "This provides us with an important tool in our efforts to safeguard our homes and the districts in which we live. Already the site has had numerous hits and offers of congratulations, so it is obviously fulfilling a need in communication and information."
Peyia Neighbourhood Watch, introduced in 2010, was the first such scheme in Cyprus with an initial membership of 200 households.  It now has more than 700 homes registered for the free service. Senior police officers have praised it and, as a result of its success, similar operations are being set up in cities and towns across the island, using the Peyia operation as a blueprint.


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