04 December 2013 11:49

 Cypriot students lag well behind their European counterparts in three key education disciplines according to a survey carried out by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in collaboration with the European Commission.
The PISA survey for 2012 found that there were twice as many Cypriot 15-year-old low achievers in comparison to the rest of Europe.
The findings for maths (42%), science (38%) and reading (32.8%) lagged well behind East Asian students who scored significantly higher than other regions.
The survey claimed that Cyprus was one of the few countries where girls widely outperformed boys (25% fewer girls under-achieved in reading), and was also among a small group where a performance gap existed between native-born and first-generation migrants students.
Ten EU Member States had made significant progress in reducing their numbers of low achievers but five others, including Greece, had seen an increase in low achievers.
Socio-economic status was a key determinant of performance both individually and as a country with Cyprus achieving the second lowest in maths based on socioeconomic status.


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