04 December 2013 13:52

 MPs yesterday voiced concern over the use of drugs in the National Guard amid indications that more than one in 10 soldiers have tried them.
House Watchdog Committee chairman George Georgiou said that according to a sample survey, some 12% of National Guardsmen used drugs.
He said the issue needed to be tackled, including through a reduction of military service.
Akel MP Irene Charalambides voiced concern at the National Guard Commander’s admission that 12% of conscripts take drugs.
“I consider this a very high figure and as a country we must find ways to deal with it, not just in the army but more generally.”
She said the Defence Minister had acknowledged that two years of military service was too long and led to social and other problems. But the minister had pointed out that the army must first be reorganised before it can be downsized.
Edek MP Fidias Sarikas described the drug problem as the army’s “nightmare”.


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