05 December 2013 08:56

NICOSIA - Fresh information emerged late on Wednesday that a number of accounts at Bank of Cyorus (UK) said to have been closed down by British supervisory authorities were not in fact suspicious. According to Phileleftheros' web site, unofficial informatioon from the Central bBank indicate that accounts had not been closed.
Earlier on Wednesday, MPs demanded the central bank and government release information regarding the account sand their holders. They particularly wanted to know when the accounts had been opened,
Earlier on Wednesday MPs said they wanted details on the 100 or so accounts at the Bank of Cyprus (UK) that  had reportedly been closed down by British authorities as high risk because, of suspcions of money laundering.
The revelation was made in the House Ethics Committee on Tuesday by Central Bank governor Panicos Demetriades who said the accounts belonged to ‘politically exposed persons’ (PEPS)..
Akel MP Irene Charalambides, who had quizzed Central Bank governor on the issue, said the accounts were 130 not 100.
She added that British supervisory authorities had carried out on the spot checks at the Bank of Cyprus in London, adding that the bank should clarify whether the money had been blocked in the accounts.
And she said the Bank of Cyprus should hand over the names of holders of accounts, and specify when these were opened.
She queried also whether the British authorities considered the people who had opened the accounts had confidential information that restrictions would be imposed on capital movements.
These restrictions, which are still in force, were introduced when banks re-opened after a eurogroup decision imposing a haircut on Bank of Cyprus and Laiki uninsured deposits.
Charalambides also queried whether the accounts indicated an effort to avoid taxes.
Green MP Yiorgos Perdikis asked for all the information to be submitted to the House immediately.
Disy spokesman Prodromos Prodromou also called on the Central Bank to give information and queried whether it had cooperated with the British on this issue. The Central Bank has an obligation to give information on possible illegalities, he added.
“Unfortunately the guerilla warfare being carried out in Cyprus does not help transparency or the apportioning of justice,” Prodromou said.
Edek urged the government to ask for the account holders and said the Central Bank should make public any information it has on the issue.


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