12 December 2013 14:30

The percentage of Cypriot households with access to a computer increased to 70.3% in 2013 compared to 69.7% in 2012, an official survey showed.
But households with access to a desktop computer decreased to 27.3% compared to 28.8% last year while households with access to a laptop remain stable to 62% compared to 62.4% in 2012.
Moreover, 18.7% of households have access to a tablet computer. A computer is found in 91.1% of households with dependent children, while in households where there are no dependent children the level falls to 60.7%. During 2013 internet access in households continued to increase and reached 64.7% compared to 61.8% last year.
At the same time, an increase was observed in the individuals that used the internet, from 60.7% to 65.5%.
Broadband has become the main type of internet connection since it is used by almost all households (99.5%). And 10.5% of the households with internet access have a mobile connection (via handset/ broadband card/ USB).
The most frequent internet users were aged 16 to 24 (94.7%) and students (99%).
This percentage decrease with age since only 16.4% of 65 to 74 year-olds use the internet. Men use the internet more frequently than women with 63.3% and 60.3% respectively.
Most popular internet activities are finding information about goods or services, and sending/receiving e-mails (85.7% and 74.7% respectively). Some 67.7% of Cypriots use social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
Ordering goods online is also becoming more popular, with 19.8 % ordering goods and services. More than half of them ordered clothes and sports goods (53.4%) and 49.8% made travel arrangements (tickets, hotel, car hire etc.).
Almost everyone that used the internet used a search engine to find information (95.2%), while 72.3% sent e-mails with attached files (documents, pictures, etc.) and 59.8% used the internet to make telephone calls.
The survey covered 1,664 households and 3,663 individuals aged 16 to 74 in the first three months of 2013.


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