13 December 2013 08:58

NICOSIA- As freezing temperatures continue on Thursday six high mountain communities remain without electricity, inaccessible and cut off from the rest of the world due to heavy snow since Wednesday.
Farmakas village at an altitude of 1000-1400 meters on the way to Maheras in the Troodos Mountain chain continues to be cut off and inaccessible due to heavy snow with its former community leader Kyriacos Constantinou saying residents are without essentials like bread and milk for two days.
“The Cyprus Electricity Authority (EAC) has restored electricity supply here and we are not dramatizing things, we will get by with what we have,” he told The Cyprus Daily..
“The question is why don’t the authorities begin cleaning roads from snow with high mountain communities and they begin with low-level villages?” he added.
Cyprus Electricity Authority (EAC) spokesperson Costas Gavrielides told The Cyprus Daily technicians will not abandon mountain areas unless all villages and communities have their electricity.
“I don’t want to put a time lime when electricity supply will be back to normal in all high mountain communities as we have cases when various faults occur, one after the other, in one community like in the case of Lefkara last night,” he said.
“But efforts continue to restore electricity supply in all mountain areas as soon as possible and as long as villages are accessible which I believe they are,” he added.
The Police are also operating a crisis centre at their headquarters in Nicosia coordinating efforts to deal with all problems to deal with the bad weather, including offering help and cleaning roads.
Meanwhile, a number of schools in mountain areas on Thursday are closed for the second day due to heavy snow fall.
The Meteorological Service forecasts isolated snow fall intervals in the mountain areas on Thursday afternoon and more intense snow falls on Thursday night and Friday morning also mainly in the mountain areas.
Temperatures on Thursday night will drop to 2 ºC inland, 3-4ºC in coastal areas and minus 7º C in high mountain areas
Snow in Troodos Square is 50 centimetres and on the Troodos Mountain peak 70 centimetres.


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