16 December 2013 15:09

 A biting recession has seen an increasing number of people in Cyprus become dependent on charity for their meals, new research has revealed.
According to the findings of the Cyprus Institute of Statisticians, 5.7% of the population over 18 years old is dependent on municipal food banks or other charities to eat.
The study also showed that 6.3% of the population between the ages of 36-45 receive the most help, while 62% of people in that category have underage children and are unemployed.
A third finding revealed that 7.4% of Cypriots have admitted to receiving help from the food banks at least once, while the majority of people who receive help are secondary education graduates.
Chairman of the Institute Chrysanthos Savvides said that the smallest dependence on food banks at 2.1% is among the population aged between 18 and 26, as individuals belonging to this age group tend to still be living with their parents.
Residents of rural areas also show lower dependence on food banks (4.8%) than people living in towns, which according to Savvides is due to lack of information and a lack of access for those living in remote areas.


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