16 December 2013 15:10

 There is no hope of peace talks resuming under the present climate, President Anastasiades declared yesterday.
Basic principles for negotiations to resolve the Cyprus problem and reunite the island have to be clarified before talks can resume – if at all, he said.
Speaking at a memorial service held in Nicosia, the President pointed out that following Saturday’s failed attempt for a joint declaration, he does not feel that the necessary conditions exist that will allow the two sides to enter negotiations.
He also made clear that he will not enter talks simply to satisfy those who think that dialogue for the sake of dialogue can yield the desired result.
“We would like to hope that there will be a differentiation in what we have received from the statement of the Turkish Foreign Minister during his illegal visit to our occupied country,” the President said.
Following a meeting with Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu made references to a bizonal solution based on an understanding of sovereignty between two constituent states.
He called on Anastasiades to show political will as the Turkish Cypriot side has already done.
Davutoglu also addressed the international community asserting that it needs to exercise pressure and contribute positively towards peace.
The Turkish FM also said that no one should expect the Turkish Cypriots to give up their rights and enter talks that have been going on forever, especially at a time when they are “isolated”.
President Anastasiades made clear that the current circumstances do not allow the Greek Cypriot side to enter talks aimed at time wasting and encouraging Turkey to move ahead with a Plan B.
“We were hoping that there would be evidence of hope, but I am sorry to say that everything that has unfortunately been recorded or broadcasted does not allow me any further margins to exhaust our patience and good will,” he said.
“I believe that with unified political powers and support of Grecce, but also based on justice and the principles of the UN and EU, we can give battle to create the real conditions that will allow us to enter talks with prospects and hope to reunite our country, absolve it from the occupying forces and allow us as European citizens to co-create and live together peacefully.”
Government spokesman Christos Stylianides said that the statements made by Eroglu and Davutoglu have “torpedoed any possibility for the resumption of a substantive dialogue” in the Cyprus problem.
He also said the Turkish Cypriot leadership, with the contribution of the Turkish side, displayed its persistence on extreme and intransigent positions and that under the present circumstances, the President is not willing to enter into a dialogue for the sake of a dialogue.
“If we enter into a dialogue without a specific basis for the negotiations, we will simply be led toward a deadlock with unforeseen consequences with regard to the prospects of a solution,” Stylianides said.


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