17 December 2013 18:21

News giant CNN has featured a special report on Cyprus, highlighting 10 unique things about the island – from the world’s oldest wine label and shy moufflon to the Roman mosaics and the diving opportunities.
In her report as part of CNN’s On the Road Series, Karen Bowerman explores the places, the people and the passions unique to Cyprus and features 10 fascinating photographas, illustrating each unique feature.

Legend says the Greek goddess of love was born off Aphrodite's Beach. Waves breaking over the rock create pillars of foam that islanders say look just like the goddess herself.

Monumental and magnificent, according to the UN, these 4th-century tombs are carved from solid rock.

The Zenobia wreck off the Larnaca coast is often listed as one of the world's top 10 wreck dives. Decaying carpets and vending machines remain on the deck of the sunken 1980s vessel.

Haloumi from Cyprus is recognized as the true version of the cheese. Many Cypriots make it at home.

Fourth-century Roman ruins rich with mosaics, plus ancient tombs and palaces, make all of Paphos a world archeological treasure.

Possibly christened by crusading 13th-century knights, commanderia may have been made for 5,000 years.

Think all sheep are the same? Cyprus's national symbol is a unique subspecies of the beast. Although it's very shy.

Taking place every year in the city of Limassol, carnival in Cyprus melds Venetian and much older Greek traditions.

Tie a hanky, sock or any ex-love's belonging to the tree at top of the Paphos catacomb steps and he or she is more likely to return. Worth a try, anyway.

Discovered by accident in 1962, the mosaics of Paphos are "extremely rare and among the best examples in the world," says the UN.


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