19 December 2013 09:12

As part of efforts to create a policy on age-related ailments such as dementia and Alzheimer's Disease, Cyprus coordinators of a joint project have asked for volunteers to assist in their studies.

Speaking to The Cyprus Daily on Tuesday, University of Cyprus Department of Psychology Professor Dr Fofi Constantinidou said a joint project between Cyprus and Greece aimed to create a sample of 600 people towards the better study of the ailments.
In Cyprus, the effort is also taking place with the cooperation of the Nicosia Development Agency and aims to create a model on cognitive ageing towards the formation of new protocols to diagnose and manage resulting ailments.
Although the first year of a two-year programme has just been completed, Constantinidou yesterday said that more volunteers were still welcome to be evaluated by the team in Nicosia.
Although ideally aged over 45 - including those who have already been diagnosed with or appear to have a tendency towards dementia and related ailments - Constantinidou said that anyone interested in participating should come forward for evaluation. Contact the department on 22895190 for more information.
Constantinidou also said levels of dementia and similar ailments in Cyprus were in line with the rest of the world.


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