19 December 2013 12:58

NICOSIA -- A 41 year old man was sentenced to three months in jail, suspended for three years after pleading guilty to hitting his 11 year old daughter with a stick..
In handing down the sentence, Nicosia district court judge Stella Mesiou said violence had no place in society, particularly when the victim is a child who cannot defend himself, but needs to be protected by the parent.
The offence was revealed when the girl’s teacher noticed the child was being aggressive with her school mates. The girl told the teacher her father was abusing her but said she did not want a complaint made to the welfare department.
On April 25, 2012 the girl told her teacher her father had beaten her with a stick and showed her bruises on her hands and feet. She gave no answer when asked whether she wanted a complaint made to the welfare officials.
The welfare department was informed and the father was charged. He said he had hit his daughter because she had knocked down her smaller brother after squabbling.
The father’s lawyer said the defendant had no criminal record, was expecting his third child and was unable to work after a labour accident. He added that the girl had forgiven her father and did not want to testify against him.
The judge said that imprisonment was a fitting sentence so that he would realise the seriousness of his offence, but given his personal circumstances she was suspending the sentence so as to give him a second chance.
She also noted there had been no other incidence of violence in the family since April 2012.


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