20 December 2013 09:00

Vegetable prices are set to further rise over Christmas as a result of a short supply and high demand, the president of the Cyprus Fruit Markets Association Polis Kattashis told The Cyprus Daily on Wednesday.

"The bad weather, snow and ice have destroyed many vegetable crops and the extended period of frost means what is remaining on the plants cannot mature and therefore we have a small supply which is inadequate to meet market needs," Kattashis said.
"Prices will further increase as demand will rise over the Christmas festivities and supply will remain the same," he added.
The President of the Cyprus Consumers' Association Frini Michael said the price hikes of vegetables are understandable due to the recent bad weather which meant "inadequate production".
A colder than usual beginning to December brought extreme weather that damaged seasonal crops.
This week the prices of certain vegetables which are considered essential by some households are prohibitive and double compared to the same period last year.
The average retail price of field cucumbers is currently €3.58 per kilo while they were cheaper by one euro last year.
Greenhouse cucumbers today cost €2.85 per kilo also pricier by one euro compared to last year.
Pulses prices are stable with beans sold at €5.59 per kilo, greenhouse runner beans at €4.02 per kilo and fresh broad beans at €4.85 per kilo.
Households this winter should forget about enriching their pulses dishes with courgettes as they are rare and the few fruit markets that have them sell them at €4.75 per kilo, that is €1.20 more expensive than last year.
On a more positive note, tomatoe prices are better this year due to numerous recent imports and they are sold at €1.46 per kilo compared to €1.78 last year.
Fresh potatoes are also cheaper this winter and cost 65 euro cent per kilo compared to €1.17 during the same period last year.
The price of fruit and greens have not changed compared to last year. Consumers can visit the website of the Commerce Ministry www.mcit.gov.cy  where the main fruit markets in every region are noted in order to have information about fruit and vegetable price fluctuations.


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