20 December 2013 17:13

Parents of Technical School students said they are planning to take a series of measures concerning the government's decision to impose bus fees for students.
In an announcement the Pancyprian Coordinating Committee of Technical Schools said that the Communications and Education Ministries completely ignored the protests by those involved who said that student bus fees would have negative consequences.
Parents said that they had sent a letter to Education Minister Kyriacos Kenevezos in July asking for Technical School students to be exempt from having to pay school bus fees.
Communications and Education Ministries have agreed that when schools re-open on January 7 following the Christmas break, students will have to pay a monthly fee of €15 for school routes and routes to the State Training Institutes (KIE), while the monthly student ticket that can be used for all journeys including school routes will cost €20. School bus trips had been free.
Students whose families receive benefits from the welfare services will be exempt from paying the fee, while for large families only the first two children will have to pay.
"Parents of technical school students have already decided that we will not accept to pay student bus fees," they added.
As part of protest measures that they are planning to take is support action taken by Pancyprian Coordinating Committee of students, encouraging parents not to buy bus tickets in advance sold by bus companies until today, and non-participation in formal events and ceremonies held at schools.


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