21 December 2013 14:45

NICOSIA – Left-wing Akel’s parliamentary spokesman Nicos Katsourides will no longer hold the high-profile position after the party’s leadership restructuring on Friday.
This is what Akel leader Andros Kyprianou told journalists after a top-level monring meeting during which old members of the party’s Secretariat and Political Bureau were replaced by new ones.
The much-needed lifting followed the party’s failure last February to win the presidential elections as well as some loss of credibility from the recent Dromolaxia scandal where a Turkish Cypriot plot of land was controversially bought by CyTA’s board.
Telecommunications chief Stathis Kittis resigned after getting arrested and questioned in connection with this. He was released without getting charged.
A number of top Akel officials were also arrested and questioned by police. Even though Katsourides was not arrested, the name of a close family member of his was rumoured to have been also involved in the bribery scandal.
The veteran politician’s ‘early retirement’ from the Political Bureau comes three years ahead of time. He is to continue serving only as an  MP


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