24 December 2013 09:08

The state’s finances and smooth operation have come under pressure after 4,000 civil servants applied to retire over the past three years.
A total of 4,184 civil servants including those in the education service, National Guard and Police left their posts through early or ordinary retirement between 2011 and 2013.
The majority left over concern their entitlements would be further eroded as part of efforts to appease the Troika.
The exodus has created an increase financial burden on state funds with payouts doubling over the three years. More specifically, the Treasury’s has seen payouts rise from €96,415,812 in 2010 to €125.017.137 in 2011, €180.531.215 in 2012 and, by December 19 this year, €182.931.956.
According to a list prepared by the Department of Public Administration, the ministry with the highest number or retirees is the Education Ministry with 1,113 of whom 588 were high school teachers and 401 primary school teachers. The remainder were employed elsewhere within the ministry.
Next on the list is the Finance Ministry with 818, of whom 618 were administrative and clerical from the Department of Public Administration.
The rest of the list is: Justice Ministry 544 of whom 279 from the police and 118 from the Fire Service; Agriculture Ministry 237; Interior Ministry 218 of whom 118 from the Land Registry and 60 from in Town Planning; Health Ministry 584 of whom 395 were in administrative positions while another 127 were from the Medical Services; Communications Ministry 204 retirees; Labour Ministry 173 with the most, at 84, coming from the Welfare Service.
The mass exodus has also led to operational difficulties as it has coincided with an increase in workload at most ministries due to the country’s bailout obligations and the financial crisis.
Many senior positions have also been filled on a temporary basis.
An estimated 30 department director places remain empty including management positions in hospitals and three Permanent Secretary posts due to open up by the end of the year at the Health, Justice and Interior Ministries.
President Anastasiades recently called on parties to approve a Finance Ministry bill allowing for senior places to be filled, without the related salary increase.
Public servant union Pasydy and other organisations have expressed concern over the suggestion, questioning what the point of a promotion was without an increase in salary but with the additional responsibility.
Although the Troika demands 4,500 fewer civil servants by 2016 and has suggested filling one in every four vacated places, the state has taken things further and decided to not allow any hiring and promotions.
Sources have revealed that the Trioka has expressed concern that this will cause dysfunction within the civil service. Auditor General Chrystalla Georghadji has also expressed concern.


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