24 December 2013 15:26

Limassol’s Veterinery Services are planning action against the owner of a private kennel after determining that conditions there were “unacceptable.”
Animal welfare groups were frantically trying to find alternative accommodation for the 26 dogs at the kennels.
People concerned about conditions at the kennel notified the Veterinary Services and police after spotting dead dogs at the kennels.
The authorities inspected the kennels on Sunday and animal welfare organisations, some of which had in good faith been paying the kennel owner to house stray dogs, were yesterday continuing efforts to remove the dogs.
Speaking to The Cyprus Daily yesterday Acting Director of Limassol’s District Veterinary Services Constantinos Orphanides said: “We waited for the owner to come and open up the area where the dogs were being kept to inspect it with the police.”
Orphanides described the conditions as being “unacceptable,” with the area evidently not having been cleaned for at least several days and the dogs having poor access to drinking water.
“The only fortunate thing was that the dogs were all right in terms of having been fed. None of them were actually starving,” Orphanides said.
Although the Veterinary Services officials and police officers at the scene did not see any dead dogs “some of the people involved in animal welfare told us they had earlier seen two dead dogs.”
The kennel owner said a dog had died after being brought in injured and in spite of his efforts, Orphanides added.
He said that the Veterinary Services had visited the kennels again at 10am yesterday and found it had been thoroughly cleaned.
“A lot of animal welfare groups have already started taking most of the dogs away.”
The Veterinary Services will be bringing charges against the kennel owner because of conditions there.
“We will also be carrying out regular inspections there from now on,” Orphanides said, adding that although the law, as it stands, does not call for kennels, shelters and dog training schools to be registered, the Veterinary Services maintained a list of places it inspected.
“These kennels have now been added to this list,” he said.
Animal welfare organisation volunteers spent most of yesterday trying to find alternative accommodation for the dogs at the kennels.
Organisations including Pets2Adopt Cyprus which had, until now, been paying to house some of its rescues at the kennels in good faith called for help to find foster homes or private kennels with vacancies to house the dogs adding: “We will fully co-operate with the police and veterinary services that are now handling this case. All legal action will be taken.” Contact Lex of Animal Welfare Cyprus on 99191336 if you can help home or foster one of the dogs.


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