25 December 2013 09:40

'We want an aware citizen and not an irresponsible owner for every dog,' is the title of a new Nicosia Municipality campaign promoting proper pet care.
In an announcement this week, the municipality said the campaign was being organised "within efforts to ensure public health, keep citizens informed and upgrade the urban environment".
The effort aimed to remind dog owners of their responsibilities and obligations as set out in the Dog Law and legislation on keeping public streets and other areas clean.
"The goal of the campaign is to send a message that a love for animals, their proper care and ensuring of their welfare must be accompanied by respect for the rights of our fellow citizens and the environment, through harmonious coexistence of humans and animals."
The effort encompasses all the municipal parks and pavements as well as areas which have been determined to be problematic.
Nicosia Municipality officials will be handing out specially prepared pamphlets on dog care including provisions of the law on dog ownership as well as small plastic bags for owners to use to pick up and properly dispose of their dog's mess.
"So far visits have been carried out and citizens informed at four large parks and the Pedieos and Pallouriotissa walkway as well as on 75 streets," the municipality said.
Also, 95 signs have been put up throughout Nicosia to inform dog owners about the law and their obligation to adhere to it when taking their dogs for walks, as well as mentioning the penalties - including up to 12 months imprisonment - they would be subjected to for violating them. Regulations include keeping dogs on a leash and picking up after them.
"The municipality's efforts are not enough for the aims of the campaign to be successful, the full cooperation of the public is also required," the announcement noted.


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