27 December 2013 09:19

NICOSIA - In a seasonal warning, police are reminding the public this Christmas to make sure their doors and windows are locked before heading out to help prevent burglaries.
Speaking to The Cyprus Daily yesterday, police spokesman Andreas Angelides confirmed that most burglaries are linked to a lack of basic home security and urged the public to be more careful.
“Before leaving our homes we must always make sure that the doors and windows are locked and we must never leave large amounts of cash or jewellery unattended.”
The spokesman reminded homeowners planning on leaving town for the holiday to take simple measures like leaving a light on to deter burglars from breaking in.
“The police are taking a number of additional measures to prevent crime over the holidays but we also need the public to remain vigilant and take their own precautions.”
Authorities are also warning residents to be aware of pickpockets who operate in busy places during the holidays.
“Crowded locations are the perfect environment for pickpockets and for this reason we are urging the public not to carry large sums of cash when walking the streets.”
Police will also be keeping a watchful eye on 24-hour businesses that are especially vulnerable to robberies -- this includes bakeries and kiosks.
Members of the public are urged to call the citizen’s line on 1460 or the police response line on 112 or 119 if they spot any suspicious activity.
Police foot patrols will be out in force in all city centres over Christmas as part of a crackdown on street crime and shoplifting.
Justice Minister Ionas Nicolaou assured that high visibility policing will provide a deterrent to would be criminals.
He added that due to the holidays officers have been ordered to concentrate their attention on popular shopping areas.
Traffic Police are also reminding that a zero-tolerance approach to drink-driving will be in force over the holiday as authorities gear for increased activity on the roads.
“Alcohol and speeding are the biggest killers on the road which is why we are urging motorists to be extremely careful and obey the rules,” said Traffic Police Chief Demetris Demetriou.
He reminded that the road safety campaign will continue until New Year’s Day.
“We are asking drivers to be sensible this year so that we can get through the holiday without experiencing any tragedies.”


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