27 December 2013 09:20

NICOSIA - Shop owners on Christmas Eve expressed satisfaction over a sales boost in the run up to Christmas and were optimistic about an increase in turnover when the doors shut.
The general secretary of the Cyprus Supermarkets Association Andreas Hadjiadamou told The Cyprus Daily people were rushing at the last minute to buy what they needed for the festive dinner.
“We are very satisfied with sales this festive period. People are coming into the stores to shop and they are not buying only what is necessary. We expect that despite the economic crisis we will be at last year’s levels this year,” Hadjiadamou added.
He said there was a plethora of goods availalable at good prices despite information on a price hike due to the limited supply of fruit vegetables which was the result of bad weather and prolonged cold periods in the last few weeks.
And most shopowners in Nicosia city centre said sales during the festive season were a boost to the moribund market with major stores and malls enjoying the biggest chunk of the market.
However, there were some clothing and shoewear shoponwers who said the economic crisis meant consumers this Christmas restricted themselves to only buying what was absolutely essential.
“Despite the recent cold weather and the change in temperatures, people are coming in to buy what is necessary and at the time they absolutely need it,” one major clothing retailer told The Cyprus Daily.
“Gone are the days when shoppers would come into our stores and buy what they liked that is more than one item. This year our sales staff try in vain to convince clients to buy extra items other than what they need,” the retailer added.
Overall an increase in sales for clothing and shoewear was recorded until yesterday while sales of gifs and toys were limited.
The Health Ministry and the Public Health Services carried out intense checks on the market to ensure that unsuitable goods would not reach consumers.
Results of checks over the last few days were satisfactory with the Public Health Services spotting only isolated cases of unsuitable goods that were not properly labelled or fit for consumption and were withdrawn from the market in due time.


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