28 December 2013 10:40

 NICOSIA- The Road Transport Department Friday announced that vehicle owners will be able to renew their registration from Tuesday, January 7, 2014.
According to an official announcement, vehicle registrations can be renewed either online at http://rtd.mcw.gov.cy, at co-op or commercial banks, at Citizen Service Centres or at Road Transport Department offices.
To renew their registration, owners must have the vehicles’ roadworthiness certification (MOT) and insurance handy.
Registration must be renewed by February 9, 2014 with the police and Road Transport Department carrying out checks from the following day.
Any registrations renewed after this date will also be charged an additional €30 and 10% of the relevant renewal fee.
Also, online renewals will be subject to an additional 50 cent fee which will appear as a separate charge on the vehicle owner’s credit card statement.
The Road Transport Department called on the public to avoid leaving their tax renewals until the last minute so that the system is not overloaded.
Vehicle owners were also reminded to notify the Department if they did not intend to renew their registration for 2014 providing the necessary paperwork certifying that the vehicle had been destroyed.
No personal notifications reminding vehicle owners to renew their registration will be sent out.


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