29 December 2013 12:19

New board members of semi-governmental organisations will be of the highest caliber and the best for the job, President Anastsasiades said yesterday ahead of Monday’s appointments.
He also met the leaders of ruling Disy, main coalition partner Diko and smaller Evroko party yesterday in a bid to jointly take final decisions on the best candidates.
“The most qualified, those who have the skills will be asked to join the boards of semi-governmental organisations,” Anastasiades (photo) told journalists.
“The dialogue with Disy, Diko and Evroko aims at preventing what should have not prevailed in Cyprus’ politics. That is, political parties influencing decisions taken by these organisations,” he added.
Insiders said that Disy leader Averof Neophytou, Diko’s Nicolas Papadopoulos and Evroko’s Demetris Syllouris planned to only listen yesterday to what Anastasiades had to say.
“They wanted to hear the terms and standards the President is setting for the new board members. This is not irrelevant with privatisation decisions the government has to take soon, very soon,” an insider said.
Cyprus Telecommunications Authority, Electricity Authority and Ports Authority – are all earmarked to be sold off.
Today, the leadership of Disy and Diko are to convene to go over names to be proposed to the President. These are expected to be submitted before the weekend is over.
A fresh meeting between Anastasiades and the leaders before Monday’s announcement has not been ruled out.
Neither Disy nor Diko have put their cards on the table yet but informed sources said the ruling party aims for their choice to hold the chair of the three quangos whose privatisation is imminent.
And Disy wants to see technocrats taking up those seats to ensure the smooth handover of these state-run assets.
As for the newly-elected Diko leader, his moves are unpredictable considering that Papadopoulos knows he cannot rock the boat too much. His marginal win does not allow for too much turbulence within his party.
Opposition Akel has sent the message that pluralism in the setting up of boards can only be productive.
But they have also distanced themselves from privatisation plans and have not presented the President with any names.
Under Akel’s administration there was one opposition party member on each board.
Yesterday, high ranking official Christos Christofides told state radio that Anastasiades’ pre-election commitment was that a public hearing before parliament would precede the appointment of each and every new board member.


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