27 December 2013 20:52

Fewer driving offences were recorded by the police in 2013 compared to last year in line with instructions for a more human approach in the wake of the economic crisis.
A 37% reduction in the number of drivers reported was recorded until October this year which means 129,265 drivers were reported to the police compared to 204,955 last year.
The only increase in traffic offences concerns alcohol since it is considered to be the number one cause of fatal accidents in the last five years.
During the first 10 months of 2013, traffic police reported 6,546 drivers for over-consumption of alcohol compared to 2,828 during the same period in 2012.
Out-of-court fines for the use of mobile phones while driving recorded the biggest drop (53.3%) in traffic offences with 22,909 drivers reported in the first 10 months of 2012 compared to 10,677 during the same period in 2013.
Police complaints for exceeding speed limits went down 33% with 63,180 drivers reported this year compared to 94,528 last year. Offences concerning safety belts dropped almost 45.5% with 12,442 drivers getting an out-of-court fine this year compared to 22,807 last year.
Following Nicolaou’s instructions a total of 3,000 citations and 300 warnings were made to drivers this year.
Police instructions from the Justice Minister were to show tolerance in offences not concerning alcohol and speed as a result of the economic crisis and the financial difficulties faced by a large number of citizens.


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