27 December 2013 19:32

 In an old warehouse in Dali , humanity is still flourishing despite the tough financial problems which have thrown thousands of Cypriots into despair.
Volunteers of Alkionides charity warehouse who recently received an award from Volunteerism Commissioner Yiannis Yiannaki are simple ‘next-door’ people who are fighting every day to turn things around.
The event took place on December 13 in an emotional atmosphere as this was the first time that the volunteers have been awarded for their efforts to ease the pain of those affected the most by the crisis. In a brief speech, Koulla Demetriou made reference to two fighters from the 1955-1959 struggle who are now 75 years old and fighting a completely different daily battle in a warehouse, a battle which centres on humans being entitled to better days.
Demetriou, however, also acknowledged the rest of the team.
“Other volunteers Vassilis, Nicos, Angelos, Akis, Thomas, Yiorgos, Maria, Androula, Andri, Christina, Eleni, Anna and Yiota are unemployed. Now, despite the financial difficulties they face themselves, they have the kindness to work pro-bono every day and offer joy and enthusiasm to their fellow men. This is how they feel useful and creative,” she stressed.
Working alongside them are those who have work but are offering all their free time to help including Demos, Vasos, Costas, Demetris, Sophia, Lia, Andri, Marinos, Anna and Despina.
“Other Alkionides volunteers also include Skevi, Avgi, Evi, Dina, Yiota, Maria, Chrystalla, Xenia, Stella, Kalliopi, aunt Koulla, Kika and Fanoula. All these people complete the volunteer group. With us is always the great and unique woman Georgia Polyviou, who is our president. She is a sweet angel who watches over us and at the same time stands beside us, at every moment to protect and support us,” Demetriou said.
These days the warehouse volunteers have intensified their efforts to collect more food and basic items to offer to Cypriots in immediate need during the festive season.
All the volunteers are optimistic and believe they will succeed, because they are placing their hopes on the sensitivity of the country’s citizens, but also on the one in the heavens who always lends a helping hand when needed.


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