30 December 2013 12:45

Police are investigating a house burglary that took place on Saturday afternoon in Tala, Paphos with valuables including jewellery, watches, electronic devices and two cars valued at about €168,000 stolen.
Police said the Russian owner, a Tala resident, had reported to the police on Saturday that his house was broken into by unidentified suspects.
Paphos police spokesman Nicos Tsapis, said that police are investigating a case of break-in, the theft of two cars parked outside the house as well as of watches and jewellery taken from the house.
He said the break-in took place between December 25 and 28 while the residents were away on holiday.
The suspects stole jewellery and watches worth approximately €50,000 and various electronic devices worth about €12,300.
They also stole the family’s two cars, a Land Rover, car model Range Rover Evoque, black (licence plates LAJ 969), worth about €50,000 and a Land Rover, model Range Rover Evoque, red (licence plates LAS 739), valued at about €56,000. The burglars had reportedly found the keys of the cars in the house.


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