30 December 2013 12:55

A powerful hailstorm destroyed a significant number of crops in the farming area of Maroni yesterday according to community leader Neoclis Neocleous.
The vicious downpour started yesterday morning throughout the island but it was the Larnaca coastal area of Maroni, Kiti, Mazotos and Zygi that felt the brunt of the harsh weather as hail lashed down in sheets.
The hail – which some witnesses described as being the size of walnuts – reportedly caused damage to 15 farms and other vegetable growing businesses.
“Residents and farmers have told me that they have not experienced weather like this in the last 50 years!” commented Neocleous. “The downpour has destroyed all kinds of crops from tomatoes to other kinds of vegetables. Even crops that were protected by nylon were damaged.”
He added, “I have requested that the affected area be inspected by the Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organisation so that those who have lost crops can be aided.”
The area was also visited yesterday by the General Secretary of farmers union (PANAGROTIKI) Nektarios Karyos.
Elsewhere yesterday, torrential rain caused the Tremythos River to overflow which in turn caused disruption to the Klafdias-Dromolaxia road.
Meanwhile, Cyprus is expected to sign off from 2013 with more bad weather.
Meteorologists are estimating more bursts of rain and even thunderstorms across the island including more snow in the higher regions of Troodos.
Temperatures are expected to remain at 15°C inland, 17°C on the coast and around 5°C in the higher regions for today possibly rising slightly until New Year’s Day on Wednesday.
New Year’s Eve tomorrow will remain mostly cloudy with rain showers expected in some areas.
Traffic police are warning motorists to be especially careful when driving into Troodos with thick fog and heavy snow showers expected. A police announcement sent out a particularly warning for people driving on the Karvouna-Troodos road, Platres-Troodos road and Prodromos-Troodos road.
Earlier yesterday these roads were open only for 4x4 vehicles or those fitted with with snow chains but the restrictions were later eased, remaining in force only for the Troodos Square to Mount Olympus road.


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