30 December 2013 15:41

Forensic tests show that a baby, found in the sewage drain pipe of an outdoor toilet of a Saittas home, was dead when a 38 year old woman gave birth or miscarried.
The exact reasons of death will be established with further tests of tissue taken from the dead baby.
Police said the woman, who was eight months pregnant, was not suspected of infanticide. They are however investigating the case of concealment of birth.
The incident was revealed late on Saturday afternoon when the 38-year-old was rushed heavily bleeding to the Limassol hospital by a Kyperounta hospital ambulance.
She told doctors that she felt immense pain and rushed to the toilet when she felt that she had miscarried the baby.
The police was immediately informed and rushed to the hospital and to her house for investigations.
The newborn girl measuring 43cms and weighing 1.893 kilos was found in a nearby field, south of the outdoor toilet, located in the yard of the house in Saittas. The toilet’s sewage drain pipe leads to that field.
State pathologist Nicolas Charalambous said that the umbilical cord was cut with a sharp object, possibly with scissors, something which makes the death suspicious.
The dead infant along with other evidence found at the scene were taken to the Limassol hospital while an autopsy was carried out.
State pathologist Eleni Antoniou who carried out the autopsy said the baby was 33-weeks-old and that it appears that it was already dead.
However, she said that relevant lab tests need to be completed to reveal the exact cause of death.
According to the Limassol Crime Investigation Unit head, Yiannis Soteriades, police are waiting for the results to the tests of the biological samples taken from the baby, from the Histopathology Department at Nicosia General Hospital (NGH).
Soteriades said that based on forensic tests to date, the mother is not suspected of a criminal offence.
However, the woman may face charges of concealing the birth of an infant, which under the criminal code is a misdemeanour.
The woman is still at the Limassol hospital and is being visited by a psychiatrist.
She lives with her mother and her Indian husband and is the mother of one child.


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