31 December 2013 09:21

Although 2013 has been one of the worst years in terms of water flow, the Water Board has met its targets ensuring that adequate reserves will remain in the dams for next year.
From the 160 million m³ of water reserved in dams today the 80 million m³ belong to the system of the northern pipe.
This is adequate to fully cover water supply needs and partly the needs of irrigation since it is believed that lower quantities by at least 30% will be distributed compared to last year.
For this year, €40 million will also be paid to purchase 18 million m³ of water from desalination units and also for the contractual obligation to keep units on standby:
 It is expected that two desalination units will become operational again in the spring while the rest will be on standby.
According to plans, 10 million m³ of water will be bought from the Larnaca desalination unit and another eight million m³ from the Dhekelia plant.
The remaining two units of Episkopi and Vasiliko along with Garyllis  boreholes will remain on standby and the Water Board will cover this cost which is lower than the production cost.
The total water flow in Cyprus' dams for the period of October to December this year only reached two million m³ and it is deemed  one of the worst flows of all times.
The 80 million m³ of water are expected to cover the supply and irrigation needs of all regions in Cyprus with the exception of the Paphos region whose needs can be covered by current reserves for the next three years.
This will be the case even if not a single drop of water flows into the region's dams.
By contrast, taking into account that the budget for purchasing desalinated water has been cut by €20m due to the economic crisis, in 2015 it will be necessary for all desalination plants to be operational to their maximum capacity to cover water supply needs if water flow in the next few months and next winter (2014-2015) remains bad.
According to Meteorological forecasts until February, things are not so favourable as regards rainfall.


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