01 January 2014 11:31

 Tens of thousands of small packages, letters and festive cards have arrived from overseas over the last two days and Postal Services staff has been working hard to ensure each one reaches its destination swiftly.
Postal Services Director Andreas Gregoriou said that post that had arrived at sorting centres as late as Sunday may be delivered as early as today to ensure they were received in time for New Year.
He said that an increased volume of post arrived and was sent out at this time every year and that eight postmen and a Customs Department official had been recruited to help with sorting since a large number of the items had come from countries outside the EU and required duty to be paid.
Although the volume of post this year is significant, problems and delays have not been as acute as in 2012.
Gregoriou said that there had been some problems mainly regarding post coming from Germany, France, Holland and the UK. From Germany in particular, he said, this had been mainly due to the fact that packages from there come through Jordan because planes flying directly from Germany to Cyprus are usually full.
After getting to Amman, the post is unloaded and then reloaded onto the next available flight to Larnaca, causing a delay in their ultimate arrival.
Last year’s difficulties-- included post from the UK arriving up to a month and a half late-- have, to a large extent, been overcome this year, he added. Last year, post from the UK came to Cyprus through Sofia in Bulgaria.
Last year, because of the delays in their arrival particularly from the UK, around 3,000 postal bags piled up.
According to Postal Service estimates, each postal sack weighs between five and 30 kilos depending on whether it contains letters or small packages and around 35% of the post bags contain packages.
Most are gift or electronic items as well as other goods purchased on the Internet.


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