02 January 2014 11:39

A 63-year-old Greek Cypriot man is being questioned by the Swedish authorities in connection with an ongoing human trafficking case, police confirmed yesterday.
According to the authorities, the travel agent has been linked with a ring that was busted for facilitating the transportation of migrants from Syria to Stockholm via Cyprus.
The illegal immigrants reportedly paid the criminal organisation for fake European passports and were then smuggled into Cyprus through the Pergamos checkpoint on the Sovereign Base Areas. There they were met by a Greek Cypriot taxi driver who transported them to Paphos airport from where they travelled to Sweden.
A number of the illegal immigrants are believed to have already entered Stockholm with the help of the trafficking ring.
The Swedish authorities have not yet clarified whether the Greek Cypriot travel agent is facing charges in connection with the case.
Police are currently trying to locate the Cypriot taxi driver that transported the migrants in Cyprus.


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