02 January 2014 11:40

Cabinet finally cut the Gordian knot yesterday, appointing the boards of the island’s semi-government organisations, who, for the first time will serve for 30 months.
Deputy government spokesman Victoras Papadopoulos said that the boards will see “a strong participation of women.”
There are more than 20 women in the list of some 175 names. He added that the people appointed were of high academic standing and had high-quality professional characteristics.
The boards will not have the authority to make appointments or decide promotions, in line with what the government says is an effort to weed out nepotism.
Yesterday’s appointments come at the end of several days of bargaining between President Anastasiades and the leaders of the parties in the coalition government, prompting accusations from opposition parties of bargaining.
Akel fired its broadside before the names were made public, with general secretary Andros Kyprianou describing the whole process as haggling between the parties in government. He also raised questions about the possible appointment of individuals who he said had operated ‘subjectively’ in the past years to chair organisations which require objectivity – a reference to the new chairman of CyBC, George Tsalakos who was head of Disy-affiliated Alithia newspaper. Some of the appointments announced yesterday:
Electricity Authority of Cyprus; president, businessman George Pipis, vice president Demetra Karantoki
Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (Cyta); the incumbent permanent secretary of the finance ministry, currently Christos Patsalides. Andreas Marangos, a lawyer, was named vice president.
CTO; president Costas Kadis (academic) and vice president Angelos Loizos.
Cyprus Sports Organisation; Clea Hadjistefanou Papaellina (academic), vice president Kleanthis Georgiades (lawyer)
Cyprus Ports Authority; the incumbent permanent secretary of the communications ministry, currently Alecos Michaelides was named president, Fotis Panagides, academic is the vice president
CyBC; president journalist George Tsalakos and vice president Andis Tryfonides, former permanent secretary
Tenders Review Board; president Supreme Court judge Efi Papadopoulou
Tax Council; president Eleni Hadjiharitou, lawyer
Youth Board; Panayiotis Sentona (human resources officer at University of Cyprus)
House Finance Corporation; Prodromos Prodromou (banker), Stavros Agrotis vice president
Land Development Organisation; president Charalambos Petrides (surveyor), vice president Tasos Koukounis lawyer
Cyprus State Fairs Authority; president Othonas Theodoulou (businessman), vice president Andreas Himonides (doctor)
Licencing Authority; president Costas Panagides (chemist) and vice president Paris Constantinou civil engineer
Thoc; president Yiannis Toumazis (academic and art director) vice president Alexis Michaelides (former Larnaca deputy mayor) 


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