03 January 2014 10:10

Animal Responsibility Cyprus (ARC) has called on the state to take immediate action over animal cruelty in the country.
ARC president Kyriacos Kyriacou made the call for action on Thursday after a small dog was deliberately shot in the face with a pellet gun.
According to an ARC announcement, the dog, named Holly, was found in the Paramali-Episkopi area of Limassol on Monday and is now under the care of an animal welfare activist. Holly has lost half of an ear and some teeth and is suffering from temporary blindness. Some of the pellets remain imbedded in her face.
Speaking after the statement’s release, Kyriacou added: “The financial crisis has turned everything on its head but we have been trying to put pressure on the authorities and the President of the Republic himself to take immediate action. This kind of thing cannot go on happening.”
Kyriacou said that he had offered up his services following 30 years of operating in the animal welfare sector and hoped that the authorities would do more to help animals in Cyprus as soon as possible.
“Someone needs to take charge. I have talked to so many people from overseas who have vowed never to return to Cyprus because of the way animals are treated here,” he said.
A man faces some six charges after deliberately dragging his dog behind his car on Christmas Day. Due to answer the charges later this year, the man allegedly said he had nowhere to leave the dog while he travelled overseas and so decided to kill it.


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