03 January 2014 10:11

NICOSIA - The report by the investigative committee probing allegations that a Turkish Cypriot property in Dromolaxia was fraudulently purchased by a Greek Cypriot businessman and later sold to the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (Cyta) Pension Fund was delivered on Thursday to the Attorney General.
Speaking to the media, Minister of Justice Ionas Nicolaou confirmed that the 302-page report will be scrutinised by the Legal Services before any further criminal charges will launched in the case.
“It is entirely up them to decide whether criminal charges will be launched against new suspects other than the individuals already announced.”
The minister explained that the report makes several suggestions over the criminal and disciplinary action to be taken against the accused.
“The disciplinary side of the report involves Cyta employees and whether action should be taken against them over negligence,” added Nicolaou.


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