03 January 2014 16:36

Last year saw the lowest number of fatal crashes on Cyprus’ roads since 1960 and a 13% reduction in road deaths compared to 2012.
Announcing the figures yesterday, Minister of Communications Tasos Mitsopoulos confirmed that seven fewer roads deaths were recorded in 2013 compared to 2012 in what police hope is a continuing trend for the island’s roads.
“These positive figures are the direct result of the long-term collective efforts of government services and several organisations in the private sector.”
The minister, however, warned against celebrating the drop in fatalities and instead urged motorists to continue their vigilant behaviour on the roads.
“We are continuing our intensive safety efforts to reach the European goal of reducing fatalities and road accidents by 50% before 2020,” said Mitsopoulos. “This should also be the goal of all motorists, especially young drivers who account for the majority of road victims.”
Last year marked a 19% drop in fatal crashes and a 13% decrease in deaths on the roads.
Police records show that 44 people were killed in 41 fatal traffic collisions around the island in 2013 while in 2012, 51 people died in 51 fatal crashes.
“These figures make 2013 the most successful year in terms reduction of fatal crashes since 1960.”
Finally, the minister called on all local communities to help the authorities in their efforts to develop solutions to road safety issues.
“I would like to request the help of all road users to help further reduce deaths and casualties in Cyprus. It is my wish for 2014 to be a year of road safety.”


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