07 January 2014 11:12

 Large stretches of the Cyprus coastline are being lost to the sea, because not enough has been done in the past to prevent erosion.
Increasing development along Cyprus coasts has contributed to the problem with an estimated 40% of the coast in the free areas being washed away.
Despite the fact that both local and state officials agree that breakwaters are necessary to protect against erosion, no proper study has been carried out into the type of breakwaters suitable for the coastal areas, designed to deal with wave direction, depth and other parameters.
The study would help shed light on what type of breakwaters are best suited to the specific conditions of the coasts in order to prevent erosion but also to protect and improve the beaches. There are some areas where there has been a loss of more than 80 metres of coastline since 1960.
One factor that contributed to coastal erosion is the damage caused by hotel owners through the creation of illegal structures.


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