08 January 2014 12:19

A candle appears to be the cause of a house fire in Paphos which left a 46-year-old British woman with severe burn injuries, authorities said Tuesday.
Speaking to the media, Head of the Paphos fire services Spyros Michail said the blaze started in the bedroom of the house and was most likely caused by a burning candle that was left unattended.
The fire services were alerted over the blaze in the Peyia area at around 6.30pm on Monday. While the fire was quickly extinguished, the woman, suffered third degree burns to 50% of her body after losing consciousness in the house.
She was rushed to Nicosia General Hospital where she remains in serious condition.
Her two children, aged six and nine, received treatment at Paphos General Hospital for smoke inhalation but are otherwise in good health.
“We urge the public not to leave burning candles in their homes overnight and make sure all electronic devices are switched off.”


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