Speaking to MPs during..."/> AG in threats claim
09 January 2014 10:04

Auditor General Chrystalla Georghadji on Tuesday accused some pharmaceutical importers of "profiteering" calling on parliament to put a stop to the phenomenon.
Speaking to MPs during yesterday's House Watchdog Committee session, Georghadji added that she had even received threats after making stinging accusations against some importers but that the threats "will not go unpunished".
The Attorney General has already been made aware of the threats against her which do not only concern pharmaceutical importers.
Speaking about the price of pharmaceutical products in Cyprus,  Georghadji said that debt-ridden Cyprus is the sixth most expensive country in Europe when it comes to pharmaceutical products and MPs "should have a closer look" into those importing medicines and other similar drugs into Cyprus.
Recalling a personal account, she added that she once purchased some antibiotics for €21 only to later discover that the same medicine can be bought in Greece for a mere €10,
"For me, reducing prices on pharmaceutical products is a lifelong ambition", she added.


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