09 January 2014 16:52

A 26-year-old woman was yesterday remanded in police custody for six days in connection with the killing of her husband back in April last year.
Investigators had unsuccessfully attempted to remand the suspect and her 36-year-old suspected lover on two separate occasions in the past but were forced to release them due to lack of evidence.
But fresh evidence has shed new light on the case and investigators quickly moved to arrest the widow once again while an international arrest warrant has been issued against the 36-year-old man – who SBA police believe carried out the killing and was having an affair with the victim’s wife.
The 36-year-old had previously attempted to take his own life and was at one point under police guard at Limassol General Hospital. During questioning, he reportedly told police that the victim’s wife “wanted to harm” her husband because she was feeling “distraught” in her relationship.
During yesterday’s remand hearing in Akrotiri, the court handed the option to the suspect to answer to any possible future charges at an SBA court or a Cypriot court. The widow, who is being investigated for premeditated murder, chose a Cypriot court meaning that the case will be referred to a Limassol Magistrate should prosecutors decide to press charges and her request is approved by the SBA court.
She will be held in remand until Monday by which time she will reappear at the Akrotiri court where a live link-up will be made with a Supreme Court judge in England to determine whether she will remain in police custody or released on bail until Cypriot court proceedings begin against her.
Loucas Constantinou’s charred remains were found close to a landfill in the Lady’s Mile area of Limassol on April 3 last year after relatives reported the 34-year-old sanitation worker missing.
It is believed that the victim was struck with fatal blows to the head before his body was torched by the culprits in a bid to destroy any traces of evidence.
New evidence found includes a cane that was found at the home of the 36-year-old and which investigators believe was used to strike Constantinou. A half-burnt mobile telephone SIM card was also found close to the body and forensic experts in England managed to extract date that showed Constantinou had spoken to the suspect prior to his death.
Failure by investigators to convince the SBA Court magistrate to remand the suspects in the past had angered relatives of Constantinou who in turn called on the island’s Attorney General to intervene.
Should the wife’s request for the legal proceedings to be moved to a Cypriot court be approved, then British prosecutors will alert the Cypriot authorities who will have three months to reply or the case will be tried in the SBA area.


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