10 January 2014 16:30

A criminal investigation was launched yesterday after the body of a newborn baby girl was found in a rubbish tip in the Larnaca district.
Larnaca police spokesman Charalambos Zachariou said authorities were alerted at around 7.00am after employees at the Koshi site spotted the tiny body on a conveyor belt in the sorting and filtering unit of the plant.
"Activities stopped immediately and the area was cordoned off for examination."  
Zachariou added that efforts are currently underway to determine which rubbish truck transported the body to the tip and where the collection was made.
Police are also visiting hospitals, clinics and pharmacies in the district as the mother is believed to have recently given birth and may have received medical attention.
After conducting an autopsy, state pathologist Eleni Antoniou confirmed the body is of a newborn baby girl.
"Based on the size and weight (just over 3kg) the baby is perhaps a week old but due to the body's advanced state of decomposition we cannot determine its ethnicity."
She said the infant likely died around one week ago, while food in its system proves it was alive for at least one day.  
"There was bruising and damage to the body but this is likely to have occurred during transportation to the rubbish tip."
The pathologist said the results of a toxicological test are expected to shed light on the cause of death which is still unclear. Authorities have not ruled out the grim possibility the baby was still alive when dumped.
Koshi rubbish tip manager Nicolas Saravelakis said due to the bank holiday, it's difficult to determine where the body was collected from and exactly when it was brought in.


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