11 January 2014 17:17

A total of 13,870 illegal immigrants have been deported from Cyprus over the past fours years, placing a heavy burden on state coffers, Justice Minister Ionas Nicolaou said.
He gave the figures to the House in reply to a question by MP Skevi Koukouma.
Many illegal immigrants surrender to the police because they are being exploited at work and want to return home.
Deportation costs include the cost of tickets, with each deportee having to be accompanied by police. A significant amount is covered by EU funds.
Of the 13,870 immigrants who were deported, 11,176 were from Asia, 15 from the US, 1,160 from Africa, 1,518 from the EU, and one from Oceania.
The 1,518 EU citizens were deported because they were considered a threat to public order or public health. Other reasons include that they had been sentenced for serious criminal offences.


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