13 January 2014 14:59

Last year saw a drop in the number of weddings compared to 2012, with many Cypriots deciding to postpone their wedding dates until further notice, according to figures provided by the Church.
Weddings in Nicosia dropped by 30 and in Limassol by 40. The Famagusta district, on the other hand, saw an increase from 524 weddings in 2012, to 557 wedding ceremonies last year.
President of Pancyprian Association of Leisure Centre Owners (PASIKA), Fanos Leventis, also argued that weddings were reduced in size and not so much in number.
"The time when Cypriots used to have big weddings is long gone," he noted, underlining that the focus now has shifted to limiting the cost of the wedding as much as possible.
"Couples now invite less people at the ceremony to ensure that the guests will also be present at the dinner party."
Cypriots are now counting their pennies as the recession bites, especially as younger couples are struggling to find a job or buy a new home.
Splashing out on a wedding as a symbol of status is being shunned in these austere times.
Director General of the Cyprus Hotel Association Zacharias Ioannides added that the number of weddings performed in hotel halls have taken a massive hit because of the financial crisis. "Now," he said "newlyweds look into less expensive options, which in turn has resulted in a 50 percent drop in the occupancy of hotels."   
When asked whether prices could drop to make hotels once again a favourite option for those looking to tie the knot, Ioannides said although efforts are being made, the fact that Cyprus is subject to the highest prices in electricity in the whole of Europe, makes it a hard task to tackle.
However, Cyprus is still a popular destination among foreigners coming to the island to marry, especially from nearby Israel.


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