14 January 2014 07:25

Only the state’s very top officials look set to keep exclusive use of government-owned luxury cars with a relevant bill expected to go before the Plenum this week and fully enforced from July 1.
Speaking after a House Finance Committee meeting Monday, MPs revealed that they proposed only a handful of high-ranking government officials would be entitled to state limos.
These include only the President of the Republic, the House Speaker, the President of the Supreme Court, the Attorney General and Assistant Attorney General, the Auditor General and most recent former President of the Republic and House Speakers. Government ministers are noticeably absent from the list.
Finance Committee Chairman Nicholas Papadopoulos said: “What the majority of the Committee suggests is that the exclusive right of use of a car is limited to specific officials of the state and that all the other officials of the state, semi-government organisations and local authorities use cars for work duties based on regulations that will be prepared by the executive authorities.”
He said that it was not the House’s job to set out these regulations—although it would be voting on them.
Papadopoulos said that, to allow time for these regulations to be prepared, the Committee had suggested the new legislation be implemented from July 1.
He added that all the cars, except the one used by the President, would have to fulfil strict emissions requirements.


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