14 January 2014 07:26

A 49-year-old Larnaca man is being held in police custody following charges of smuggling duty free goods from the north and possession of banned medications.
Deputy Director of operations at Larnaca Police Iacovos Ioannou said officers received information regarding the smuggling of cigarettes from the occupied areas. They carried out a search at the residence of a 43-year-old woman in Larnaca where they found 20 boxes of cigarettes, six boxes of tobacco and the amount of €47,810, believed to have occurred from the selling of tobacco products.
Two Larnaca women in their 40s, as well as a 52-year-old man from Lakatamia are also believed to be involved in the case and search warrants have been issued for their homes, property and vehicles.
During a search at the house of the 49-year-old suspect, police found 89 boxes of cigarettes, 21 boxes of tobacco and 109 boxes of medication, as well as 12 kilos of snails. An additional 21 boxes of cigarettes were located in the suspect’s car.
Investigators also found 80 boxes of cigarettes and 49 boxes of medication at the 49-year-old woman’s home, while the 52-year-old had three boxes of cigarettes, 13 boxes of tobacco and 121 boxes of medication in his possession.
“A total of 213 boxes of cigarettes, 40 boxes of tobacco, one box of cigarillos, 1,408 stimulant tablets were located at the four individuals’ homes.”
The 43-year-old from Larnaca was released on Sunday after paying a €900 fine to Customs, while the other three suspects have been detained for questioning.


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